Debüt Release auf Art Unnamed!

Meine neue Single Nordish wird am 26.05.2021 auf dem Nürnberger Label Art Unnamed erscheinen! Ich freue mich sehr.

Art Unnamed hat schon sehr schöne Worte gefunden:

„What does it take to get a 4 to the floor Melodic Techno Track? Of course a banging Kick Drum – some moogish Bass and a euphoric Pad and Lead combination. That is what you have to expect from ‘Nordish’.

Frank joins the Art Unnamed Family with a euphoric Melodic Techno Track. He is a Live Performer and Label Head Andy Moon listend first to Nordish in one of Frank’s Live Performances and asked him to get this track ready for a release on the label. And here we go. Nordish arrived as debut to Frank von Welt on Art Unnamed.“

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