Frank was born in Nuremberg in 1979.
Since his father was playing in a band, he was always in touch with music.
He started learning to play keyboards from the age of 6. Later on he learned to play the guitar and a bit of bass guitar by himself.With 14 he owned his first „synthesizer“. A Korg i3. He started experiencing the world of sound synthesis. With the time „playing around“ became „making simple songs“.His study of Eletrical Engineering gave him a deeper understanding of sound synthesis and synthesizers.
During the years his producing skills grew and he started playing the first liveacts in 2007 as „Keller-Kinder“ together with his friend Jassin Dahmani at famous frankonian clubs like the Rakete or Zoom club in Nuremberg.
He released his first track on Beatwax Records as part of the „Nuremberg Compilation“ sampler and took part in the anual sampler CDs of Soundbar Mitte.
Later on he participated in other projects like „TechNoir“ together with Nathan B and Monomal or a series of sucessfull live performances with Curt Cream.  These days Frank is performing solo liveacts as „Frank von Welt“.


Ein besonderes Gig-Event: DiTaF @ess.brand Nürnberg

Ich wurde von Dan Inc. eingeladen den Deep in Techno and Food event DiTaF analog musikalisch zu untermalen. Stattfinden wird DiTaF analog am 26.11.2022. Ein Event mit sehr leckerem Essen und einer Reise in die Welt der analogen Klangerzeugung. handgemachtes essen und handgemachter Techno frisch aus dem Synthesizer gepresst. Und alle Gäste dürfen mitmachen! Tickets …

Clownfest6 incomming

Noch ein Set für Clownfest! Ich habe einen Timeslot für Clownfest 6 bekommen. Samstag 21.08.2021 Ist der Technoday. MeinSet wird um 17:40 UK time online zu sehen sein.Ich habe mir vorgenommen diesmal etwas mehr Gas zu geben. Wie immer auf Youtube zu sehen.